Lip Glamour Duo Box Set: TWO 2-in-1 LIPSTICKS
Lip Glamour Duo Box Set: TWO 2-in-1 LIPSTICKS Lip Glamour Duo Box Set: TWO 2-in-1 LIPSTICKS Lip Glamour Duo Box Set: TWO 2-in-1 LIPSTICKS Lip Glamour Duo color swatches in shades Nude and Rose

Blur the appearance of lip lines & give your pout a plumping appearance! This gorgeous, Limited Edition box set provides two glamorous finishes for your lips.

Apply the Westmore 3-in-1 HydraMatte Blurring Lipstick to achieve a dramatic matte while providing hydration and blurring the appearance of lip lines.  Change up the matte lip look with Beauty GlassFX Lip Gloss, designed to work over the lipstick to create a glass-like finish to the lips that without breaking down lip color.  Lip Glass also provides a plumping appearance without any irritation.

Good for all skin tones and types, this new Hollywood Classic provides long lasting color that will hydrate and nourish your lips. The sophisticated dual ended container makes application easy and fun.

Set includes 2 opaque shades: Nude, a universally neutral shade, and Rose a soft berry pink.

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Worth a try

I am not a matte lip lover. In my opinion, matte lips look and feel dry. But I was intrigued by this product because it offers a gloss for those of us who prefer a shiny look.
First of all, the lipsticks are very hydrating. Even without the gloss my lips never felt dry. Both colors are flattering on my light skin and are perfect for day and evening use.
The colors last a long time. I ate a sandwich and still had some residual color remaining (but I recommend reapplying the color after drinks and meals).
If you choose to use the gloss, it WILL take some color off. You will see the color come off on the gloss wand. But, it gives a lovely sheen.
I would give these lipsticks 5 stars if they lasted longer by providing a lip stain. However, I think these are quality lipsticks which feel moisturizing for “matte”.


I love these lipsticks


Lip Glamour Duo Box Set: TWO 2-in-1 LIPSTICKS


Love it!

buy this!

Great colors smooth application. Packaging made me feel like I was somebody important.