2-Minute Hollywood Eyes kit with 60-Second Eye Effects Firming Gel, On-the-Go Lasting Effects Brow Gel, and Red Carpet Lashes

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2-Minute Hollywood Eyes kit with 60-Second Eye Effects Firming Gel, On-the-Go Lasting Effects Brow Gel, and Red Carpet Lashes 2-Minute Hollywood Eyes kits in attractive packaging A single 2-Minute Hollywood Eyes kits in attractive packaging 60-Second Eye Effects tube On-the-Go Lasting Effects Brow Gel Red Carpet Lashes On-the-Go Lasting Effects Brow Gel color swatches in all 3 available colors Before and after photo showing excellent results using the 3 products from the kit
Dark Brunette
Shade: Blonde

This breakthrough three-step kit could only have come from Hollywood’s founding family of makeup artistry. We’ve combined proprietary “Hollywood Glamour Secrets” with exclusive “Special Effects Technology” used on the sets of movies and on the red carpet to create gorgeous and lasting eye effects in just 120 seconds.

2-MINUTE HOLLYWOOD EYES makes it quick and easy to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, dark circles, and under-eye puffiness, frame your face with full and defined brows that last for days, and create “Red Carpet Ready” lashes with extreme length, tremendous volume, and a 150% increase in curl that will last all day with no flaking or smudging!

When sold separately, these products retail for $78. Get them together for a steal!

Kit contains: 60-Second Eye Effects Firming Gel, On-the-Go Lasting Effects Brow Gel, and Red Carpet Lashes

60-Second Eye Effects Firming Gel

Apply before makeup onto skin cleansed with an oil-free cleanser. Do not apply moisturizer. Dispense a small pea-sized amount of product onto fingertip. Sweep gel under your eyes, starting at the inner corner and blending outward over fine lines, wrinkles and under-eye bags. Blend evenly with light sweeping motions. To set gel, gently tap fingertip over application area. Fan with fingers and keep facial muscles at rest for a full 60 seconds while product is drying. You may feel a temporary tightening – this means it’s working!

On-the-Go Lasting Effects Brow Gel

Prep the area by washing with an oil-free cleanser, then blot dry. Do not apply moisturizer to brow area, as this may affect the bond between On-the-Go Brow Gel and skin/hair. After removing want from base, wipe brush applicator on rim to remove excess gel. Apply in short, featherly strokes in the directions of hair growth, layering as necessary to shape and fill. Before gel sets, groom with spoolie brush.

Red Carpet Lashes

Apply to clean, dry lashes. Starting at the root of the upper lashes, wiggle out proprietary 2-in-1 brush at the base of lashes to separate and thicken, then sweep outward and upward to lengthen and curl. For more natural-looking lashes, simply wiggle a few more times; for more dramatic lashes, add a second coat with a few more wiggles. You will see increased length and weightless, flake-free column immediately – and in just a few seconds, your lashes will take on a noticeable curl. Repeat steps on lower lashes.

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Awesome product

Best under eye bag removal ever

I have tried numerous products that tighten the under eye area. This is definitely the best.
However it is not easy to get in touch with this company. I wish they would make their themselves a little bit more accessible. I'm finding it difficult to change my automatic shipment.

Eye beauty

Great product for the money & the two minutes undereye gel works as a smooth silky undereye treatment, but only until you add any makeup, or water to remove dried or caked up product if applied too much, the tightening is undone. I also found, it dried out undereyes revealing lines after few applications.. It's a quick fix before photos, but not long term. Mascara very good for long eyelashes i have, stays on & does not smudge. Have not used brow stain at this time.

Make up Purchase

I love everything

Love love

Amazing products....I'm in love