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Ceejay – Milwaukee, WI

I'm in love with this Body Coverage Perfector. Gives you a natural beautiful glow without looking too bronzed. It's a must try.




Taylor – Alexandria, VA

I thought it would be messy and difficult to use but I was wrong. I literally rubbed it on like lotion and it looked so nice and luminous! I let it dry for a few minutes, blended it in with a tissue and it did not transfer onto my clothing. It feels nice on and does not leave you feeling tacky.

Carly – Orlando, FL

I'm pale and have tried everything out there to give me color without turning me orange. This is the perfect product to ensure you will look fabulous for that special night or to give your legs color while wearing shorts or mini skirts. I can't tell you how much I love this product.

Beverly – Fort Worth, TX

I bought this to be used on my winter white legs that were going to be exposed because of the short dress I was going to be wearing to a wedding. The finish was amazing! It truly warmed the tone of my legs without looking like fake at all!! Even better, it did not rub off on ANYTHING and did not move until I showered and washed my legs with soap!

Tiffany – Seattle, WA

I absolutely love how this products covers my leg veins and scars and gives me a hit of color at the same time. It stays put all day and love how it makes my legs look smooth and perfect!

Shannon – Gastonia, NC

My friend thought that I was wearing nylons, but I just had on Body Coverage Perfector. It really does transform the look of my legs and hides all of my little imperfections. Now have my friends hooked on this product as well!

Rosealina – Maple Grove, MN

My Savior! I am allergic to bug bites and bruise easily; my skin is always a mess. I can finally wear sleeveless tops and show off my legs without feeling conscious! I look like I have great skin, love the natural glow this gives and how it wears all day without making a mess everywhere.

Ingrid = San Francisco, CA

The perfect addition to my little black dress! My skin looks fantastic with Mckenzie’s Body Coverage, I feel like a red carpet Hollywood star when I go out for dinner and dancing and I find it amazing how it doesn’t transfer anywhere!

Hazel – Tucsom, AZ

This is really easy to use and I am amazed at how great my skin looks, I wasn’t expecting to love it as I have tried everything and it’s always looked awful on. This looks like my skin but perfect. It hides my veins and just evens out my skin making it look young and perfect.