How to Use Body Makeup To Cover Up Scars

When we think about makeup products, most of us tend to focus on the face, where we can use foundation and concealer to cover up blemishes or apply mascara and eyeliner to create bold,beautiful looks. But the face isn’t the only place where you can use makeup; it’s also possible to apply body makeup on your décolleté, arms, and legs for a flawless-looking all-over complexion.
If you’ve never used it before, body makeup might seem a little intimidating. However, with the right products and technique, it can be very easy to achieve your desired result and it can be the best option out there for hiding scars and other imperfections instantly and with ease. Read on to learn all about using body makeup to cover scars.


An Introduction to Body Makeup for Scars

As the name suggests, body makeup is simply makeup designed to be used on the body. This category of makeup includes many of the same products that people use on the face, like body foundation, body concealer, sprays, and powders. These kinds of makeup products can be used on areas like the shoulders, neck, legs, arms, and so on.
So, what's the difference between body makeup and face makeup? In general, there's not a major difference between the two. These products have a lot in common with facial makeup essentials and are made of similar ingredients. However, body makeup tends to be longer-lasting and more transfer-resistant, allowing it to remain intact throughout the day without getting on to clothing and furniture. 
There are also hybrid products that can be used on both the face and the body to ensure that your face, neck, and body match flawlessly for the perfect head-to-toe look!

Benefits of Body Makeup

There are many benefits of using body makeup. Just like facial makeup, it's great for covering up imperfections and marks on the skin, including scars. Body makeup can also offer a more radiant or luminous complexion to enhance the appearance of your skin. Finally, it allows people to feel more confident and comfortable in their appearance when going out, wearing certain outfits, or on special occasions.

How to Use Body Makeup to Cover Scars

It’s clear that body makeup is one of the best ways to cover up scars, but how can you get the best results? Here are some simple step-by-step instructions to help you make scars and other marks disappear with the best body makeup

1. Shave and Clean the Area First 

Before you start applying any makeup to a scarred part of your body, it's best to prepare the zone properly for a smooth and even application. To do this, you may need to shave away any hairs that are in the way, as well as use an oil-free cleanser or exfoliator (or both) to clean away dirt and dead cells.


2. Add Oil-Free Primer First

Primer, as the name suggests, is the first layer of bodymakeup you should use. It primes the skin, preparing it for the next layers of foundation and concealer. So make sure to rub some primer or oil-free moisturizer into the scarred part of your body to start with a great base.

3. Add the Body Foundation

Next, it's time to add your liquid body foundation. You should make sure to choose an appropriate tone to match your skin and prepare the necessary tools, like a body makeup brush. Apply liberally to the entire area where you have the scar, such as your legs, arms, or chest to blend the foundation with your skintone. (Similar to how you apply foundation all over your face)

4. Add An Additional Layer 

If your scar isn’t completely covered with one layer of body foundation, add a bit more to the problem area. Make sure to dab on the second layer like a concealer, then blend in the edges. For most scars, it’s recommended that you apply 2-3 layers for best results and maximum coverage. Be sure to allow each layer to dry completely before adding additional layers for a seamless application.

Tips and Tricks for Using Body Makeup

Next, let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks that will help you get even more value and excellent results when working with body makeup to cover scars:

1. Choose the Right Product

With body makeup, just like with face makeup, there are lots of products out there, and some are much better than others. Make sure you choose a good quality product for your body coverage that lasts throughout the day without transferring to clothing and blends well with your natural skin tone.

2. Take Your Time

If you don’t have much experience with body makeup, test the application first to ensure you get your technique down and feel confident with applying the product. This will help you ensure the color match is correct, the application tool your using gives a nice air-brushed finish, and you apply it correctly to avoid transfer onto clothes.

3. Exfoliate Regularly

One of the best ways to make scars fade is through exfoliation. Make sure you use a good quality exfoliator to wash away dirt, grease, and dead cells to help keep your skin soft and smooth.

4. Use the Right Tools

To get the most impressive results when working with body makeup, you need the right tools for the job. Find a large body makeup brush that you enjoy working with. This will help make the application mess-free and allow you to get to those hard-to-reach places like the back or behind the legs with ease.

5. Consider Other Uses

Body makeup can do much more than cover up scars. It’s also great for concealing imperfections, discoloration, veins, blemishes, tattoos, and more. Try it out in various areas of the body to see what it can do for you.
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