Makeup trends are always changing; a look can be the height of fashion one day and appear outdated or passé the next. This is part of the fun of the fashion world, but it can also be a subject of concern for many people who want to keep up with current fashions and worry about their look no longer fitting in with the rest.

At a time when makeup trends and fashions seem to be changing and evolving faster than ever before, many people are finding themselves wondering if blush is still as relevant and viable today as it once was in the past? Below, we'll take a look back through the history of blush and see why it's still a big part of the makeup world, even in the modern era.



The history of blush goes all the way back to the days of Ancient Egypt. Since then, of course, commercial makeup products simply didn't exist, so people had to make do with whatever they could find from nature.

Records show that ground ochre was used to provide color to the cheeks and lips in Egypt, while Ancient Greeks and Romans made use of Alkanet root and red vermilion, respectively.

These substances got the job done but were actually quite toxic. In the Middle Ages, pale skin was more popular, but some ladies of high standing would use a mixture of strawberry juice and water to give their cheeks a unique color.

Much later, in the 19th century, new ingredients were discovered to provide that blushed look, including carmine, a dye harvested from insects. It was deemed safe to use and is still used today, helping boost the popularity of blush as the world entered the 20th century.

It was then that blush as we know it really started to take off, with significant European companies like Bourjois and Guerlain promoting the trend and stars of the Hollywood Golden Age, like Bette Davis, commonly seen sporting the rosy cheek look.


The Hollywood Blockbuster look and glam style that had helped to popularize blush through the early 20th century continued into the later decades too. Still, as the world greeted the turn of the millennium, approaches to blush began to change somewhat.

A more subtle and natural look started to become popular, along with the prevalence of new trends like contouring, which made the classic blush look not quite as relevant. However, while the usage of blush may have changed, it's still one of the most purchased makeup products on the planet.


Millions of people are still using blush on a daily basis. The only significant change is the way in which blush is used. While some still use it to provide pink cheeks, others are using it in conjunction with the likes of bronzers and contouring products to enhance shadows and highlights around the face.

In many cases, at first glance, you might not be able to tell that someone is wearing blush at all. However, it's still an important part of their makeup routine that helps to give their face a unique glow and harmonious tone, with many people choosing to use just a small amount and blend it carefully for the most natural look.

So, in answer to our original question, blush is far from being out of style and is, in fact, being used in a broader range of ways than ever before. We're seeing celebrities, influencers, models, and typical members of the public all enjoying blush each and every day, with new blush trends appearing year on year.