Wouldn’t you love to be able to wear whatever you want with confidence? Many of us have retired our favorite skirts, dresses, and shorts in favor of pants that hide veins and blemishes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Varicose veins might have emerged with age, but beauty knows no age limits.

Westmore Beauty’s Body Coverage Perfector gives women the opportunity to restore their skin’s youthful and flawless appearance in minutes. Easy to apply and long-wearing, the Body Coverage Perfector can give you natural, radiant, and youthful looking skin and revive your confidence to flaunt your favorite skirts & dresses.

Varicose Vein Cover Up with Leg Makeup: Tutorial


The key to long-lasting coverage is prepping your skin. To start, make sure you’re using oil-free skincare products. And that means oil-free everything. From your lotions to your shaving cream, and even right down to the razor you use to clear away leg hair, it’s important to make sure that there isn’t any oil on your skin prior to Body Coverage Perfector application.

Why? Well, the formulation ‘clings’ best to your skin when it’s matte and dry. Oils create a barrier on your skin, making it easier for the body coverage to rub away. With that, the first step to covering spider veins would be to clean, exfoliate, and dry your skin, making sure to avoid oil-based products in the process.


Right before application, make sure you give your legs one last run down with a clean terry cloth. This should get rid of any excess moisture or oil that could work against the Body Coverage Perfector. Then, of course, you move on to the fun bit - application. When it comes to how much you should apply, it really depends on the extent of your varicose veins.

The application itself is pretty straightforward – first, use the Body Coverage Perfector as a concealer, gently dabbing the product onto the areas with visible veins or other blemishes. Let the concealer dry for 5-10 minutes, then apply a layer of product to your entire leg, , making sure to gently glide it over your skin instead of rubbing it in for even coverage. If you feel you need an extra layer, you can reapply a second coat after letting the first one dry for 5-10 minutes.


The Westmore Beauty Body Coverage Perfector takes about 5 to 10 minutes to set during which it dries and clings to your skin to give you that natural, youthful, sunkissed glow. While you wait, you might also want to wash your hands with mild soap and warm water to get rid of the product on your hands, because it is quick-drying.

Once it’s all dry, take a terry cloth, paper towel, or mitt and do a bit of a dry brush over the skin to which you’ve applied the product. This gets rid of any excess and ensures smooth and even coverage that stays put. When that’s done, you’re good to go and get dressed. The Westmore Beauty Body Coverage Perfector is clinically proven to stay on for over 24 hours, but most of those who use the product will tell you that it can stay on for days.

Varicose veins covered up


True, varicose veins can be tough to deal with. And while there are a ton of coverage options out there - from self-tanners to dermatology treatments - the question stands, will they provide safe, instant, and natural-looking results? The transformation that Westmore Beauty Body Coverage Perfector brings will last for days and give you a beautifully blemish-free and youthful radiance that can rewind your age and boost your confidence. So go ahead, pull out that summer dress and let your legs do the talking.

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