Body Coverage Mitt

The perfect companion to our Body Coverage Perfector for transfer-resistant application.

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Body Coverage Perfector
Body Coverage Perfector
Body Coverage Perfector
This first of its kind body camouflage and illuminator with Tri-Effects Technology gives you flawless and radiant-looking skin every day. It’s easy to apply and instantly conceals everything from age spots to the darkest tattoos, but looks natural, and is...

Shade: Fair Radiance

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The perfect partner to our best-selling Body Coverage Perfector! Use the Body Coverage Mitt to buff off excess product and help with transfer-resistance.

Use the terry cloth side of the mitt to patt down and remove excess product after applying Body Coverage Perfector to ensure you get a transfer-resistant application. Once Body Coverage Perfector has dried, gently rub in upward-circular movement to remove any excess product. You can also use this side to gently exfoliate skin prior to application of product!

To clean, simply soak in soapy water, rinse and let dry.

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