Top Tips for Applying Makeup to Hooded Eyes

Many people make use of eye makeup every single day. Eye essentials like mascara, eyeshadow, and liner can play a huge part in helping you look your best, giving your eyes definition, volume, and style.

However, it's important to note that there are many different types of eyes out there, and the right way to apply your makeup can vary, depending on the type of eyes you have.

You might have hooded eyes, for example, with hooded eyes being one of the six main eye shapes, and this guide will cover all the basics of how to to do eye makeup for hooded eyes.

What Are Hooded Eyes?

What Are Hooded Eyes?

Before we actually take a look at how to apply makeup for hooded eyes, it's essential to understand what hooded eyes are so you can verify whether or not you have them.

In simple terms, hooded eyes are easy to spot due to the distinctive brow bone shape, which forms a kind of 'hood' over the eyes themselves.

Take a look in the mirror and see if you can see the upper eyelid of your eyes. If it isn't really visible and seems to retract back into the crease beneath your brow, you likely have hooded eyes.


When it comes to using eyeshadow on hooded eyes, you'll usually want to start with a primer. You can use a concealer for the same purpose. This helps to provide the base on which you can apply the eyeshadow.

You'll also want to try and keep your eyes open throughout the process. This is key for people with hooded eyes in general, as it helps with finding the crease. You may also need to effectively create your own crease, as your natural crease might be too far back to really be seen.


Try to apply the shadow a little higher than your crease, rather than placing it in the natural fold of the lid. After that, blend with lighter colors towards the inner corners of each eye. This helps to make the eyes look wider and more open.

In terms of style, matte shades are often recommended for those with hooded eyes, as glittery or shiny shades tend to make your brow look even more prominent.


Liquid eyeliner is the top choice for hooded eyes, and try to position the mirror lower than eye level, so you can look down into it and get a better view of the upper lid and upper eye area in general.

Take all the time you need here, as it can be pretty tricky to apply liner on hooded eyes and try to get as close to the line of your lashes as possible.

If you want a winged look, you may need to emphasize the dip at the edge of your eye or even create a false dip in order to produce a proper wing effect, as hooded eyes tend to be relatively straight.


When it comes to using mascara on hooded eyes, opting for volume is often a good choice.

Try to find a good quality mascara that can add lots of volume to your lashes, and don't be afraid to layer it up several times to get the depth and definition you need for a dazzling look.

Waterproof mascara is also strongly recommended for people with hooded eyes as the shape of the brow can often lead to smudging.

Final Word

Hooded eyes can look absolutely beautiful with the right approach, and we hope that these tips and techniques will help you get the best from your hooded look.