Finding Your Right Shade of Lipstick

Lipstick is one of the most popular and essential items in any makeup collection. It can give your lips color, life, and definition, adding a little glam and spark for special nights or simply finishing off your daily look in the perfect way.

However, there are so many different lipstick shades out there, people often find themselves asking questions like "What color lipstick should I wear?" or "Which shade of lipstick is right for me?" This guide will help you find the best lipstick for your style and skin tone.

Skin Tone

When you're looking at how to choose lipstick color, the first tip that often comes up is identifying your skin tone. It's generally accepted that there are five types of skin complexion in total, ranging from fair to deep.

  • Fair - Those with fair skin, which is typically pale or ivory in color, can opt for lipstick colors like coral, peach, or nude.
  • Light - If your skin is light or beige in tone, soft pinks and dusty reds will work very well.
  • Medium - If your skin is classed as medium tone, with an olive or golden color, recommended lipstick shades include cherry red and rose.
  • Tan - Those with tan-tone skin, which is typically light brown in color, can try out deeper pinks and brighter reds in their lipstick selections.
  • Deep - Those with darker brown skin can go for the richest shades of lipstick like plum and wine.

Skin Undertone

Matching your lipstick shade to your skin's tone is relatively easy, but one of the keys to picking the right shade for you involves looking a little deeper. As well as knowing your skin's tone, you also need to know its undertone.

Skin Undertone

Undertones can range from cool to warm, and some people have neutral undertones too. Each undertone works well with certain shades of lipstick, as detailed below.

  • Cool - Cool undertones are relatively easy to spot, as people with these undertones should notice a bluish hue to their skin and veins, as well as tending to burn easily on sunny days. The ideal lipsticks for cool undertones are those that mirror the skin by being bluish in nature. This doesn't mean actual blue lipstick but rather bluish-reds like cherry red, rather than golden-reds like orange.
  • Warm - If you have skin with warm undertones, you may often receive compliments about your skin's 'glow.' Your veins should appear green in color, and you should be able to tan quite easily, with a natural golden or olive hue to your face. Warmer lipstick shades naturally work well with warmer skin, so that examples may include fiery red, bright orange, bold gold, and copper.
  • Neutral - If you happen to have skin that doesn't quite fit in either the warm or cool undertone category, you're probably someone with neutral skin. This means you can be even more versatile with your lipstick shade, as almost anything can work well with neutral skin. Focus more on matching your lipstick with your actual skin tone or outfit if you fall into this category.

More Top Tips for Lips

Here are a few extra tips to keep in mind when picking lipstick and looking after your lips:

More Top Tips for Lips
  • Shape - If you tend to have lips with different sizes on the top and bottom, try to use a brighter shade on the smaller lip to add volume.
  • Thickness - If you have thin lips, it's best to stick with more neutral colors, as bright and bold shades might simply make them look even thinner. Plump lips work great with wines and crimsons.
  • Hair - Dark hair goes great with rich colors like rich reds and scarlets, while lighter hair blends well with softer pinks and caramel shades.
  • Teeth - If you have bright white teeth, you can use any lipstick, but if your teeth are yellowish at all, try to avoid browns and bright purples or bold reds.

Hopefully, this guide can help you figure out how to choose the right lipstick shade for you. Don't forget to look after your lips, too, with treatment oils and serums, and be sure to add some gloss when you want an extra shimmer and shine.