What Does Mascara Do and How to Apply It?

There are lots of different types of makeup products, from foundation and concealer to eyeliner and lipstick. Each product has a unique role and purpose and can be used to bring out your best features and transform your look in minutes. Mascara, for example, can work wonders on your eyes and give you a more youthful appearance.
However, if you're new to the idea of using mascara or eye makeup in general, you might not know exactly what mascara's function is. What does mascara do? What kinds of benefits of mascara can you enjoy if you use it? Keep on reading for the answers to these questions and more.

How to Use Mascara

So, what does mascara do? Well, this makeup product has a lot of different uses and benefits, which may explain why it's one of the most enduring and widely-used cosmetic items of all time; mascara has been used since the days of Ancient Egypt, and it's still hugely popular today.
The main use of mascara is to add thickness, length, and bold color to the eyelashes. This helps to draw attention to your eyes, making them pop or stand out more brightly and boldly than normal. Mascara works by coating your lashes and adding product along the length of each lash to make them look darker, longer, and fuller.

The Benefits of Mascara

Here are some of the main advantages of mascara and key reasons to ensure that it’s always a part of your makeup kit:
Color - Mascara is made with powerful pigments that add color to your eyelashes. The pigments help your lashes to appear more prominent and eye-catching. While black mascara is the most popular choice, mascara is available in many other colors like brown, purple, blue, and more! Depending on your eye color, skin tone, or desired look you can select a color that enhances your natural features and expresses your sense of style.
Length - One of the main benefits of mascara is how it can lengthen your lashes. So, if you feel like your eyelashes are on the shorter side, applying some mascara can make them look much longer. Longer lashes allow the eye area to look more open, bright, and awake – providing a younger-looking appearance instantly.
Volume - Ever feel like your eyes simply don’t stand out or look a little dull? If so, mascara could make all the difference. This everyday makeup essential is ideal for adding definition, volume, and style to your look. Volumizing mascaras help your lash line to appear fuller for a dramatic and bold lash look.
Curl - Certain types of mascara are great for adding some curl to your lashes. This can make the eyes look larger and is ideal for people who feel that their lashes are a little too straight or need additional help staying up after using an eyelash curler.
Ease-of-use - Some makeup products can be tricky to work with, but mascara is one of the simplest. Once you understand the basic technique, you should have no problem applying mascara along the lengths of your lashes.

The Different Types of Mascara

There are many different types of mascaras to choose from! Some are great for boosting volume, others provide length, and some are more focused on curl and definition.
Volumizing Mascara - As the name suggests, volumizing mascara is aimed at adding volume to your lashes. It's one of the best kinds of mascara to choose if you feel like your lashes are thin or wispy. This mascara type helps the lash line appear more full.
Lengthening Mascara - Lengthening mascara is a great choice for those who have short eyelashes, as it helps to make the lashes look longer. If you’re interested in taking your lash length to the next level we recommend trying a tubing mascara. This mascara type adds extra length by wrapping each lash with a film-forming polymer that provides a lash-extension effect. What’s more, tubing mascaras offer smudge-free wear and can easily be removed with just warm water.
Curling Mascara - Curling mascara aims to add curl and flair to your lashes. It's a good choice for people whose lashes are straight or lack natural curl. When the lashes are curled your eyelashes will be more visible and your eyes will appear larger. This mascara type not only adds additional curl but can help maintain your lashes curl throughout the day – for eyes that pop!

How to Apply Mascara for Best Results

When it comes to applying mascara the correct technique can help you to achieve your desired end result. Here's a quick step-by-step guide for proper mascara application:

1. Use a Curler - Before you begin applying your mascara, it can be a good idea to use an eyelash curler. This handy tool naturally adds curl to your lashes without the need for any product, and it provides a good foundation for you to add mascara to. Another option is to start with a curling mascara like Red Carpet Lashes to add curl before applying your favorite volumizing or lengthening mascara.
2. Prime Your Lashes – To enhance your results and wear time you can incorporate an eyelash primer into your routine. Apply with care from the middle of the shaft of each lash up to the tip, ignoring the roots to avoid any clumping. Once applied you’ll continue with mascara application.
3. Apply Mascara - Next, with the aid of your mascara brush, it's time to apply your mascara! Try to bump the brush against the root of your lashes, and then roll it outwards to ensure even and wide coverage. Make sure you go all the way from the roots to the tips. If you’re looking for extra volume, many makeup artists suggest wiggling the wand from left to right at the root of your lashes to dispense additional product.
4. Layer – In some cases, one coat of mascara may not be enough to get the results you're looking for. If this is the case for you, you can always layer mascara for added volume, length, or definition. For bold lashes, it’s recommended that you apply 2-3 coats of mascara. Just avoid applying too many coats, as this can lead to a flaky or clumpy lash appearance. Depending on your lash needs, you can also layer different mascaras to reap the unique benefits each mascara in your collection has to offer.

Tips When Using Mascara

If you want to get even better results when working with mascara, here are a few expert tips to keep in mind:

Find a Brush That Works For You - The brush is the most important tool when it comes to mascara, and it can make or break your look. Find the applicator type that offers the best results for your eye shape and lash type. From fine detailing wands to mascaras with bold dense applicators, by experimenting with different mascaras you can find the perfect fit for your needs!
Tightline your lashes – to compliment your mascara look you can tightline your lashes by applying eyeliner on the upper and lower waterlines of your eyes. This will help to fill in any sparse areas and allow for a more voluminous and dramatic lash look instantly.
Remember to Remove Your Makeup - Don't forget to wipe away all of your makeup at the end of the day, including your mascara. If you leave it on overnight, it can actually cause damage to your lashes in the long term.
Moisturize - It's easy to overlook eyelash care, as lashes are so small, but they're also delicate. Using a conditioning lash oil or serum along your lashes is a great way to keep them healthy and promote their natural growth and strength. You can also find mascaras that include lash-nourishing ingredients for an added benefit.
With your new knowledge of just how mascara works and how to apply it, you can now wear it with a new found confidence. Have a look at the full line of Westmore Beauty products. From foundation to finisher, lipstick to body concealer and more, we’ve got all of your beauty needs covered.